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Company founded in Japan in 1946 and specialized in electronic products and wristwatches, for which it became known all over the world. With the production of digital watches, Casio conquers a heterogeneous public, making this type of watch an iconic product. Essential accessory for the youngest, who appreciate the beauty of the vintage model declined in many finishes, from the color of the strap to the display graphics, has positioned itself at the top of the world market for its wide range of products. Casio watches are designed to last over time, guaranteeing functionality, design and efficiency, both for digital vintage models and for those with high technical performance.

Casio Watches Collection

With the G-Schock model, Casio offers a sports product, which has among its main functions the high resistance to mechanical, electrical and electromagnetic stress and a battery that can last up to 10 years. These performances are combined with the classic ones of a sports watch, that is the impermeability, of which the G-Schock can boast a resistance up to 20ATM, and the presence of the chronograph. The lightness of the G-Schock is another of its unique features: the resin configuration gives this watch a weight of less than 40 grams, giving it an incomparable wearability, without sacrificing performance.
Casio meets your passions! The most attentive to the environment will find their ideal product in the collection of radio-controlled solar watches. The CASIO TOUGH SOLAR® technology is eco-friendly, allowing the clock to operate only thanks to the two invisible cells that transform daylight into electrical energy, accumulating the residual light that will be used in the dark hours. Casio also accompanies you in trekking: with the Pro-Tek line equipped with compass, barometer and thermometer, the excursions will be safer, relying on an exceptional instrument in terms of performance and reliability.