Fashion of Kronoshop

Fashion of Kronoshop
We want to show the fashion side of Kronoshop! From the classics to meteors of the fashion landscape, we can identify those brands that we define "fashion" because it is very versatile, popular especially among young people and always ready to ride the wave of new trends that emerge every season. The catalog of Kronoshop is so designed to satisfy even the most "fashion addict".


Cluse Watches
Playing at home however, is the brainchild typically made in Italy that was born rather reality as Furla Gucci and Trussardi, who without any introduction reign for years in the fashion world as style and elegance even easy-to-wear strong icons links to collections of clothes and bags which pave the way jewels and watches and will complete a desired outfit woman. Morellato with her jewels to live and Bluespirit with his creations are brands that chase and mark our time, we enjoy and miss no opportunity to surprise and to be present in our opportunities. The collections are always different, are updated according to the dictates of fashion and sometimes precursors of them, and strike at the heart of young girls as much as the most self-aware women. Jack&Co is a more youthful brand that is gaining more and more popularity due to its watches and jewelry with a minimalist design, but fun using a symbolism dear to us and also pays tribute to our four-legged friends, becoming a favorite purchases by girls.  

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From new continent arrive jewelry and watches by Tommy Hilfiger loads of youth and unmistakable style casual-chic preppy passionate young people around the world with a contemporary design and those of another American excellence, Michael Kors, who with his irreverent and unconventional fashion, provided an opportunity for women of all ages to show their character. We cannot fail to have the originality and nostalgic vein that brings back the American style of the '70s by mixing modern lines of a sudden featuring vintage that is the engagement of its audience echoing the slogan "what vintage are you?". From England comes Cluse, a minimal-chic watches brand that has become known through social media, action perfectly in line with contemporary taste and rich collections of modernity that offers its audience of fans. Cluse literally considered a must this time.
Watches Furla
Gucci Jewelry
As someone wrote, if "the crazy invent the fashions and the wise follow them" the more crowds of Michael Kors with its extravagant creations and sometimes exuberant or as Emporio Armani and Gucci that with the simplicity of lines and materials can create accessories that, while riding the wave of new trends, never lose their evergreen character. Dynamic, elegant and innovative, Trussardi pays homage to the Italian lifestyle in a wise way. If, therefore, they are the "crazy" we do not just have to be "wise".

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