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G3-studio Gabs Bags

The Gabs bags, designed by Franco Gabbrielli, became a must have for those who like to follow the fashion in an original way. Certainly the most popular among the Gabs collections is the G3-Studio which is characterized by having bags capable of transforming themselves in three ways (hence the name). Can we have with a unique product the “flat”, the “shopper” and the “trunk” model with a simple "click" arranged differently the buttons on the bag. G3-Studio bags have a variety of original and current patterns satisfying the tastes of the most varied clientele becoming not only the desire of many girls, but for all women who want to be witty. Gabs bags have a unique design, high comfort, great attention to detail (included in each a little shopper for shopping and post-it) and innovative nature. A nice goal for the company!


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