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The fantastic Ynot handbags are suitable for women who have younger looking style. For this season, the original prints represent the most beautiful cities in the world: New York, London, Paris and Rome and flags: English and American. Ynot bags are perfect for who loves to travel and loves the pictures of landscapes. Each city depicted on the bags has a distinctive color: blue to NY, pink to London, coral to Paris and Orange to Rome. Select your preferred printing on Kronoshop's website and choose between the different forms that Ynot offers: mini shoulder bag, bugatti, bowling, beauty-case. The materials of Ynot are outstanding and the prices are affordable. This summer will repeat the boom, as the past year, women and girls strolling with their Ynot, you can't be out. Kronoshop's catalog offers also many other women's handbags of famous brands, browse it now.

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