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La Maison Liu-Jo was born in 1995 in Modena. Over time it passes from one production clothing to the production of accessories and jewelry to offer a total look attractive and elegant. A style designed to enhance the beauty of every women in a refined way, Liu-Jo does not neglect the other sex with the beautiful collection of  men’s watches. The Liu-jo Watches  if are  more sober and essential for a men, in the women's collection are made glamorous with inserts of bright crystals present in all models and making them recognizable. Colorful, fun and suitable to be worn by anyone win the trust of customers also for their quality. On the same grounds are placed the Liu-Jo jewelry collections  that touch more refined and minimal tastes but also trendier with animalier bracelets, necklaces and earrings  and completed with delicious charms that fit well with the little ones. The  Liu-Jo brand responded perfectly to the requirements that the fashion impose creating, as we said, the ideal products to gain the widest possible audience. Elegance, glamour and passion ... this is Liu-Jo.  

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