Locman Collection

Kronoshop is authorized dealer Locman Watches

The Locman watchmaking company was founded in 1985 on the Island of Elba. Locman is characterized by the passion and the strong attachment to the traditions that remain solid, despite evolving over time. A company that better than anyone manages to combine important and different aspects such as Italian style, Tuscan craftsmanship and research into cutting-edge technologies and new materials. It is precisely the study of techniques and materials to stimulate Locman and its workers in a challenge that they win every time creating watches with hi-tech speakers, in titanium, carbon, aluminum and diamonds. In 2003 Locman shows the world the first watch with an all-carbon case, revolutionizing the watch industry and giving it great momentum.
In 2006 they decided to open the SIO (Scuola Italiana Orologiaia), the Italian School of Watchmaking, to teach and transmit passion and competence. The quality of their products has meant that over time we have produced watches for the Navy, the Air Force and the Folgore. The main objective is to combine technique and beauty to ensure maximum performance.