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The Locman watchmaking company was founded in 1985 on the Elba Island. Locman is characterized by the passion and the strong attachment to the traditions that remain firm, despite evolving over time. The company that manages to combine all of the most important and diverse as the Italian style, Tuscan craftsmanship and the pursuit of advanced technology and new materials. And it’s the study of techniques and materials to stimulate Locman and its workers in a challenge that win every time creating watches from high-tech speakers, titanium, carbon, aluminum and diamonds. In 2003 Locman shows the world's first watch with a case made entirely of carbon, revolutionizing the world of watchmaking and impressing a great impetus to the whole sector. The constant study, the professionalism and expertise of those who work for Locman allows to propose models always projected into the future and inimitable design. They want to satisfy the taste of a demanding public, which loves the trendy product without it being, however, too "shouted." In 2006 they decided to open the SIO, Italian school of watchmaking, to teach and transmit passion and expertise. The quality of their products has meant that over time we have produced watches for the Navy and the Air Force. The main objective was to combine technique and beauty to ensure maximum performance.