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Maria Cristina Sterling

Maria Cristina Sterling was born in Tuscany, the cradle of art and innovation. She gleans from her land the passion for tradition, the attention to details and the quality of her products. Maria Cristina Sterling in her jewelry inserts icons that  fascinate men and women for their simplicity, elegance and their meaning. We pass by the Neptune collection with icons that connect to the vastness of the sea and to the dreams that you can make watching it, the Infinity Life collection with the infinity symbol to celebrate the important events of life and even to the Classic Tuscany collection  that is a tribute to the ancient Florentine artisan traditions from which Maria Cristina Sterling is inspired. Silver, onyx and other stones are the materials used for her jewelry that confirm a simple style, contemporary design and a spiritual and meaningful  reminder to give away or bring with you as a wish for a happy life and good luck.


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