Our Team

We are pleased to introduce you to our team.

A heterogeneous and transversal group that collaborates with professionalism. Each of us puts expertise and unique qualities at the disposal of others. Among the common objectives, customer satisfaction is certainly the main one and each of us offers, according to his own competence, the maximum availability. We are committed to answering your questions promptly, whether by email or to our call center, aware that the customer's trust must be gained daily.
We offer our knowledge of the products and we ensure respect, friendliness and kindness.

During all phases of the purchase we will be close to you and for most of the products you will find our reviews useful to direct you towards the right choice. To meet the methods of immediate communication that have now become commonplace, Kronoshop is also very active on Social. You can follow us on Facebook, consulting our page full of news and promotions, on Twitter and also on our YouTube channel.