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Swatch Watches Es war einmal - GR169

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Es war einmal Swatch collection

The  Es war einmal collection Swatch is the most popular among the lovers of fairy tales. The Swatch watches in this collection in fact portray the characters and symbols of the stories we heard as children. We find the liar Pinocchio, the delightful Cheshire Cat, the masked knight Batman, the bad Queen of Hearts and much more. A collection that fascinates and entertains. The case measures are larger or smaller depending on the model, the quality is unquestionable and the materials used are well designed to withstand children's hands when their games but also for adults that with these watches they want to go back in time and smile looking forward. Swatch is definitely the most original brand that with its colors and its ideas, collects the favor of more diverse clientele. An irresistible collection, an unbeatable price and a world-famous for wearing every day. If we want a happy day, then we need a Swatch watch!


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