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Floralia Swatch collection

Swatch surprised with this really effect collection. The watches of  Floralia collection became symbols of the Spring / Summer 2016 season with great success. The feature of this collection is the color used in a perfect way. Cheerful and full of flowers, original and fun so Swatch conquers all, adults and children. Each model has a characteristic and a particular design, we pass by the daisies that add a petal at any time, the bees that collect nectar in flowers that come out with clear designs on white straps or embellishing ultra-flat watches. An exceptional collection that confirms the art of Swatch to create small masterpieces that last a lifetime. The Swatch designers also thought of our superstitious side with Get Lucky, lucky watches, where shamrocks, ladybugs and lucky numbers are the protagonists. Every Swatch watch has a story, for a lucky year or to an artistic vision with this collection you can choose your own.


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