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Metallix Swatch collection

The Swatch Metallix collection  is characterized by very different watches. The common feature is the brightness. There are ultra thin skin, glitter or gold models  that fit the wrist of the woman in comfortable way thanks to the lightness that makes you forget to wear them. Then, there are the largest watches where gold, silver and pois are always the protagonists. With this  collection, Swatch aims to capture the interest of those who love the convenience but also the originality of the accessories to complete a flamboyant look. Most of these Swatch watches are just time and linear in design. The dials are multi or mono colored or transparent and the straps alternate between steel, silicone or fabric and leather models. A collection that surprises for its versatility. These Swatch watches can be worn all day giving light to the various situations that face. The Switzerland quality and beauty that characterizes all Swatch watches are definitely winning weapons.

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