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Always the excellence of Swiss watchmaking is recognized worldwide. In 1853 with the creation of the fashion house Tissot Charles Felicien Tissot and his son, from a Swiss canton, have undoubtedly helped to make the Swiss brand regarding watches  a guarantee of quality.Beginning their company policy aimed at creating fascinating models, characterized by the use of the latest technology of the moment. The search accuracy quickly becomes the main objective that is able to join a very sophisticated and varied design. High performance, precision and prestige are reached and appreciated so much that Tissot became the official timekeeper of the MotoGP World Championship and other major sport. Tissot watches are divided into various collections ranging from traditional Just-time with a  more or less vintage taste to those created for those who demand the best from his watch. The T-Touch and Solar,  Dressport  Tissot PRS 516 collections, among the best, are the proof because they offer in the various models, the touch technology of the last generation, compass, altimeter, weather, solar charging and high water resistance without ever neglecting the design. We find watches with a more sporty style and those which, while maintaining the same functions sports, appear with a more elegant and sophisticated style. Both  in the men and women models these watches can satisfy all preferences by creating models of different sizes, different materials (steel, leather, ceramics) and straps that can become real jewels. For all these reasons we have found the ideal partner to face a chaotic day  town or to make an adventurous travel. Tissot watches are extraordinary accessories  that gives charm and importance to the wearer and if you love a watch you would not have a Tissot.


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