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Tissot PRC200 collection

The watches of the Tissot collection PRC200 are definitely  sports. Tissot for these models think of a particular  and elegant design, despite these watches do not want to be a classic mold. The case is of 42 and 44 mm depending on the models and the watches alternate between just time and chronographs. The dial takes very intense colors in shades of blue and black, but there are also more classic versions in white or silver. In the just time versions the calendar is at the three hours while in the chronograph versions is inserted at four o'clock. Materials like all watch of Tissot collections for man and woman are of exceptional quality, from steel to sapphire crystal, make these watches resistant and long lasting. This collection is suitable for men who do not want to compromise on quality and the size of a prestigious brand like Tissot and who want to wear a character watch. No traditional models, but refined. For this reason, they are suitable for most occasions. A man who decides to wear a Tissot watch of PRC200 collection  affirms its determination and its good taste, elements that blend perfectly into these models. If we want to make a gift that has a great value and a great chance to use, then choose a Tissot watch that will certainly make happy those who will receive it.


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