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Timex Watches Expedition® E-Tide Temp Compass - T49859

€ 134,10
€ 149,00 (risparmi € 14,90)

The E-Tide-Temp-Compass watch transforms from an elegant timepiece to a marvel of advanced technology

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Timex is an American company that from 1850 offers original products with an unique and sporting style. The brand is nicknamed “American Swiss” because every year reaches important performances and pays attention to the details of each product. The Timex men's watches are quality products that all the people can allow and the watches are suggest to sportsman and to the people that travel. The lovers of the sport know the many watches functions that only one can have, thanks to the simplicity and to the comforts, all the world is satisfied. From some years Timex has also decided to throw him on a collection from the style vintage that it received a notable success among the masculine public and their partners.

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