Our products

Our products
We live in a period where the experience of online shopping has become a habit for many; wide choice and plenty convenience. How to choose where to buy your product?
Surely among the most important discriminating factor are the reliability and the guarantees of the service offered.
Before making a purchase online, then check that the dealer is an official dealer! Because this guarantees you many important benefits on goods ordered. Which?

Origin (where these products came from)

Kronoshop.com is the official dealer of all brands in its catalogue; this is because we want to be sure that our products do not come from illegal or unclear circuits. We, very much, want to offer you only original products with a guarantee valid for 2 years; so the only way to ensure the quality of the products is to know who produces them.

Quality and guarantee

Our long experience in this field has allowed us to acquire the know-how necessary to understand and evaluate the technical solution, adopted in design and production. All this allows us to select for you only the best products ; we are also very careful to chose product covered by a guarantee of 2 years that is not just on paper!


Visiting the catalog of Kronoshop.com is evident the attention we give to design of our products. We continually update our proposals with all the news of the major brands of watchmaker. The high volume of orders, the organization at network with the warehouses of manufacturers and of our stores , has enabled us to develop a hybrid system of just in time , that prevents the formation of stock funds; a further assurance that we will never be tempted to push, with promotion, out of fashion models.