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Casio G-Shock Kronoshop

The spearhead of the Casio watches collections is undoubtedly the G-Shock that was founded in 1983 with the idea of making "indestructible" a product generally mild. With this aim the inventors pore over technology and materials to use to achieve the purpose namely that the wirsteatch would not have to break even after a fall. Inspired by the bouncing ball is conceived the structure of G-Shock watches. The material used is the resin, light and with a extreme duration. Also in the functions they are extremely advanced and were equipped with LED, alarm, calendar, GPS  and radio signal and have a high resistance to magnetic fields showing with a sporty and pleasant in many different versions, camouflage or single color very characteristic. Recalling the motto for Casio G.Shock watches "Stay identical, Stay invincible", we understand why they are the best products on the market.


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