Armani Watches

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Giorgio Armani and Sergio Galeotti founded in 1975 the "Giorgio Armani" company, arriving in the late '70s to be one of the most famous fashion brands in the world.
Giorgio Armani is a brand that over the years it has specialized in offering a total look that goes from clothing to accessories to perfumes.
A recognizable style, simple and very elegant features the Armani creations.
In 1981, it is among the first to create a second line "Emporio Armani" with products that, maintaining quality and level materials, adapt to an audience of more amble users given the reduced cost. This choice shows great foresight typical of the designer, in the years following the major fashion houses begin to create alternative lines to the "Luxury" to meet the needs of consumers. We can most certainly say that Giorgio Armani has launched a buzzword egalitarian from which no one is excluded.
In 1977 Emporio Armani also debuted in the world of watchmaking in agreement with Fossil Inc.
Even for watches maintains its online help; simplicity and modernity with a deft sense of the past.
The brand that more than any other manages to evolve while maintaining its coherence and its stylistics principles.