Gift Pack

Gift Pack
Always Kronoshop takes special care in packaging of your orders creating when requested, delicious gift.
This is perfectly in line with the philosophy behind the founding of Kronoshop, philosophy which aims to offer a service that privileges the "beautiful" and "well done". Compared with other competitors, this is our hallmark specifically thought for the customer who wants to be the center of our work and requires special attention and targeted to its satisfaction in order to make the online shopping experience a pleasure.
We want to satisfy you in addition to guaranteeing the quality and the professionalism, necessary to the trust during an online purchase, also giving you the chance to decide the look of your gift.

Love for Details

We'll show you three different gift boxes among which you can choose according to your taste. We thought of all, both to lovers of a more classical taste both who want to make special and "natural" their gift.
You have to tweet directly from the image of the package you prefer and we wrap it for you. We are sure that you will be inspired by the beauty and elegance of our packaging that will enrich your gift with great style, we already adore them!

Gift Pack: