Men and Women Sector Collection

Men and Women Sector Collection

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SECTOR watch 180 - R3271690014
€ 170,10 € 189,00
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SECTOR watch 480 - R3273797002
€ 269,10 € 299,00
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SECTOR watch 230 - R3253161010
€ 125,10 € 139,00
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€ 35,10 € 39,00
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€ 37,80 € 54,00
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SECTOR watch MASTER - R3251507001
€ 314,10 € 349,00

Sector was founded in 1973 and its No Limits brand was launched in 1991. Since 2006, the No Limits Division is owned by the Morellato Group. "No Limits" invites you to challenge yourself and your limits by bringing sport philosophy closer to the realization of the clock, the philosophy for performance to be high, the ever-present confrontation, and passion and loyalty in the first place. Three are the Principles Industry: Continuous Challenge, Indestructibility and Exclusive Italian Design. An instantly recognizable style, that of Sector, which for years is a "must" among fans of sports watches and outdoor activities. Most of the products made of hypoallergenic steel and leather, Sector creates fashionable jewelery that characterizes a more classic and linear character, more traits drawn from the most original and the strong impact..   

300 Collection

330 Collection
Determined the basic features of Sector Watch collections that are summed up in endurance, precision, sporty character and high technical level. The 230 collection is characterized by watches made of steel bracelet and some silicone variants that perfectly represent the brand. Blue, black and silver dials alternate and enrich with sporty design counters and hands. Slightly different in the coloring of the elements and the peculiarity of quadrants with asymmetric counters or larger size indexes, the 180 collection also meets the taste of those who want a Sector style wrist accessory but with more extras. To mention there are Street Digital and Rapper collections; Designed to capture the success of digital watches with rubber straps and colors designed for those who want a clear and decisive watch. Comfortable, indestructible and Italian design, Sector watches are a guarantee of quality and tradition coupled with the latest technical innovations . Choose Sector "No Limits"!

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