Scuderia Ferrari - Official Dealer

Scuderia Ferrari - Official Dealer

Scuderia Ferrari

The Ferrari brand is rich in values that since its foundation remain alive and unaltered. The tension between tradition and innovation has always inspired the Scuderia's work and is its foundation; a tradition that has made history by writing pages of great Italian excellence combined with an innovative spirit that tends to the use of new technologies to achieve maximum qualitative and aesthetic performance.

Collezioni Scuderia Ferrari

Collezione Italias
  Collezione Pilota

Even in the wristwatch sector, the Ferrari brand wants to achieve the high performance of racing cars. The references to the track and to what the line is evident in each collection and are identified in the strength of the watches. Yellow and red are the distinctive colors of each Ferrari watch collection. Proudly Italians in style and passion they are able to conquer the whole world becoming the undisputed symbol of excellence.