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In 1983 was presented to the world the first Swatch.
The name is an expression of the philosophy behind these watches; Swatch came from a contraction of "second" and "watch" and represents a new concept watch, not elitist, always of great quality, but combined with a casual style, fun and inexpensive. It’s in this way that the founder Nicolas Hayek, has revived the fortunes of Switzerland watchmaking brought to its knees, in the 80s, by the American and Asian markets, using less niche materials boasted more affordable prices. Swatch has revolutionized the watchmaking world and becomes a way to express their personality by communicating their values ​​to the world, sometimes with provocative look, and thus becomes part of our history. The revolution is possible through the use of innovative techniques and materials. The watch components are drastically reduced and are used plastic, steel, aluminum, synthetic materials, rubber and silicone that, resisting to the shocks and being low in cost, are perfectly suited for mass production. Forward-looking and winning choices that make one of the best-selling Swatch watches in the world.