Timberland - Official Dealer

Timberland - Official Dealer


Timberland is one of those brands that has managed to acquire, throughout its history, a well-defined identity to reinvent itself over time adapting to the ever-changing world. Everything was born from a boot, the "yellow boot" that dominated the '80s, becoming one of the most significant trend symbols. Timberland years later was able to respond to the needs of consumers by enlarging the offer and inventing a complete total look that goes from clothing to accessories.


Timberland Watches Collection

Collezioni Timberland

Timberland watches fully follow the concept of the brand; urban style "Made USA", quality materials and eco-friendly, Timberland pays tribute to a world dedicated to nature and outdoor that fits perfectly into a daily wear. The colors of the earth are maintained and the tree as a logo that takes up the meaning of the name, "Timber - Land", reaffirms the strong bond of environmental sustainability.