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Calvin Klein

The Calvin Klein brand  was founded in 1968 in the USA for the production of clothing, perfumes, jewelry and watches. Immediately all eyes are on Calvin Klein  for its  advertising often irreverent found. By the time states around the world for its indisputable elegance. The brand concludes its strength in the careful ability to renew always  collection after collection drawing to current trends and placing itself at the head of high fashion. Observing his creations, from jewelry, to bags and watches we notice the linearity of the design as the main theme always enriched by details that make them unique and always in step with the times.This feature is especially noticeable in   CK jewelry, wearable on any occasion with different shapes and materials to capture the taste of the fans and the collections Embrace or Spellbound are proof. The first is characterized by a simple but sinuous style and second entries in the skin that make it outside of the box. The Calvin Klein watches follow the same taste with minimal dials strengthened by intense colors or straps that, in different materials (leather, rubber and steel) and especially in the female variant become real wrist-jewels . The choice of style Calvin Klein is the right to be stylish, fashionable and attractive.


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