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The Sector brand  was founded in 1973 and immediately specializes in the wristwatches production oriented athletes. The success of the products Sector was strengthened for years by the very successful advertising promotion "No Limits" with the great champions of extreme sports as protagonists . Sector become synonymous with "No Limits" that provides security to the buyer for strength and unquestionable quality. The fact that they are sports watches  don’t preclude indeed enhances the elegant taste that sector poses in their manufacture. Although sports, the collections Sector can indeed maintain an elegance and sobriety rare, combining it with class and originality to the world of sports. There are many models for which this union is to be really successful, such as those of Sector 235 collection that sees the union of leather straps, classic colors but with typically Sector  dials and indices colored. The models Sector 230, have very interesting variants making elegant a watch with rubber strap through the enhancement of the dial or making particular a steel watch by inserting a colored element, usually the dial.The color is, therefore, one of the key features of Sector watches, by multi cromate version of rubber straps, the dials with always different colored bottom and indices. The high quality of these products lies in many models that fit the wrists of men and women,, mainly in the sportier versions and in the models that soften their precise geometric lines and are designed just for women. We find Sector watches in digital, multi function, chronograph and dual and just time to suit the tastes of its audience. For the same reason the brand Sector is always up to date and is particularly attentive to the evolution of style and technology which is able to adapt and innovate with ease, and sometimes also manages to be the engine of change. Over time, in fact Sector has added to the more appreciated  collections as Expander new lines as that of  chronographs Centurion with high-performance. With the collection Sector 400 and the use of a line Oversize managed to be perfectly in step with current fashion trends that wants macro accessories especially for men, defined by the largest  dials with  very cool and careful details. Sector watches are focused also on those that follow "street” fashion ", so dear to the younger that find in digital models of  Rapper and Street collections the best solution to wear. Since 2006 it becomes property of Morellato and for several years  the brand Sector Jewelry is used to jewelry products  such as rings bracelets and necklaces  confirming its value. Obviously their name is linked and is part of the history of the great brands of watches. For those who choose the adventure, for those who enjoy extreme challenges, for anyone is a fan of the "No Limits" , Sector is the right choice!


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